N.M. Silber

Author of the Bestselling sexy Romantic Comedy series, Lawyers in Love.

The Gorgeous Girls - Marie  Wilson Let me preface by saying that the fact that it took me so long to finish this novel had nothing to do with the novel itself and everything to do with my own writing schedule.

This book was like nothing I have read before, and was not at all like what I usually read. I found that ironic, as the story incorporates elements of erotica and subtle wit, both of which I am a fan. Moreover, perhaps my all-time favorite author, (Dorothy Parker), creates a unifying them throughout. As with anything unique, it can sometimes take a while to fully appreciate it, and that was the case with this novel. (So perhaps it's better that my own final edits interfered:)

This is a story about strong, intelligent, three-dimensional women who survive. It's the characters that make the story, in my opinion, and the characters wherein the author, Marie Wilson, demonstrates her insight and talent. The protagonists are aficionados of Twentieth Century author, poet and satirist, Dorothy Parker. Dorothy is most commonly recalled for her biting wit and social commentary as a member of the Algonquin Roundtable, but she was so much more than that. She was a woman who carried bitterness and pain inside but who carried ON - largely by wielding her pen and her sharp tongue. She had survived, unhappiness, trauma, abuse, social stimgma etc. She was real and she didn't exist merely to amuse. Marie Wilson's characters are like that. They are women who have brains, and strength, and vulnerability and they have lived and loved and felt pain. Dorothy Parker was not just a clever literary device in this novel -- she was a muse.

The book read more like literary fiction than erotica or women's fiction to me, and there were stylistic things that were not to my taste. I do not like frequent changes in tense and POV. Nor do I like wordy or flowery descriptions. Initially, that was a distraction, but when I really had a chance to contemplate the character development, and how it related to Dorothy, I appreciated the novel much more and the stylistic elements became much less distracting. I think that Marie Wilson has talent. The book may not appeal to some readers, but that does not detract from the quality of the writing.